Glass roofing – picking your conservatory roof glass right

Many property owners overlook the value of a quality glass conservatory roofing until they experiencing difficulties with it. Determining to replace your conservatory roof with glass could be a great investment decision, but only if you discover a high-quality glass roofing. Xtremearrow are professionals in manufacturing toughened safety glass roofing for more than 10 years. We believe that, makes us professionals about glass roofing, and we desire to share some of our knowledge with our article readers.

One thing we know for sure is that opting for the least expensive conservatory glass roofing means you will end up missing out on many benefits a quality glass roofing can offer you with, such as insulating properties and self-cleaning glass roofing.

The 3 main considerations we believe are important when choosing your glass roofing for a new conservatory roof are: how insulation the glass is, how safe the glass roofing is and how different glass conservatory roofs will require maintaining. Interested to know more? Our Xtremearrow specialists have shared their years of experience to help you make better decisions:


What is insulating glass?

Insulated glazing is often known as double or triple glazed panes which are filled with either air or a different gas to minimize heat transfer.

Why is insulating conservatory roof glazing so important?

Whenever up to 20% of heat lost through the particular home is through windows and doors, 25% of heat is lost via the roof and 45% through uninsulated walls, picking more insulating materials can save you money on your heating bills in the long term.

Choosing an insulation glass roofing material in your conservatory is not just an important choice for cutting your energy bills, this can also help to sell you house later on. By choosing more insulating materials, it can help reduce your homes carbon emissions which can help you to get a much better Energy Efficiency Rating and Environmental Impact Rating whenever you advertise your EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), a legal requirement when you decide to sell or rent out your property. A better EPC will more than likely help your house be more attractive to prospective buyers.

How can i find the most insulating glass?

Typically the insulating capability of glass roofing is measured in the U Value. A U Value is actually a measure of how effective a material is as a heat insulator. U Values represent the amount of heat lost in watts per meter square of material when the temperature outdoors is at least one degree lower than the indoor temperature. It is usually used to measure the insulating qualities of heat lost through a wall, floor or perhaps a roof. This implies that the lower the U-Value, the more insulating the material.


What is Safety Glass?

Thermally toughened safety glass can also be known as tempered glass . This means it has been tempered already on the outer surfaces into compression and inner surfaces into pressure so that if the glass is broken, typically the glass will crumble into chunks instead of splintering into small jagged shards which are less likely to cause serious injury. The light transmission is equal to ordinary glass.

Why is safety glass important?

Glass used in the structure of buildings is susceptible to potential damage and shattering. By picking a toughened glass, it is not only up to 5 times tougher than ordinary glass of the similar thickness, it also will not shatter into jagged shards if it is broken but rather the glass will crumble into blunt chunks to ensure it is less likely to cause serious injury.


What are the options?

Normal glass roofing will need to be cleaned every couple of weeks to guarantee you get pristine views. What is more, cleaning glass on top of a roof can be difficult to reach and a hassle. A solution to this is a self cleaning glass.

How does Self Cleaning Glass function?

Xtremearrow glass roofing has a hydrophilic coating which implies that it can breakdown dirt not only when the water washes it away, but also when it is exposed to naturally occurring ultraviolet rays.

Installing glass roofing – services and contractor

Tips to choose Glass Roofing

glass roofing 2

There are many things to consider when choosing a glass roofing. Most importantly. it must be safe, secure and energy efficient. A large factor in ensuring that these needs are met is in the thickness of the panes that make up your unit.

Whether it is being installed to the roof as a fixed, opening, or Eco model, or if you are adding a Walk On unit to your basement or terrace, there are a few factors to bear in mind to make certain that the glass is dense enough for its purpose.

The importance of thickness

Like windows, roof light performance is covered by building regulations and to comply must meet a minimum U value of 1.8 W/m2K. If the panes are not well insulated, you will lose heat from your home in the colder months, and gain it in the warmer ones. Thicker glass will perform better when it comes to the flow of heat, which will save your money on energy bills for central heating or air conditioning.

On top of this, peace of mind is granted from the security of density. A poor performing unit can act as an additional entry point for thieves or a weak spot for environmental damage.

The measurements

When shopping around for the glass roofing for your home, it is likely you will come across various measurements for the glass. We Xtremearrow will provide you with the optimum measurements as standard so never be afraid to installing the glass roofing with us.

Glazing and glass type

The type of glazing is also important to consider. Almost all products on the market are DGU (double glazed units) as single glazing would simply not do the job of keeping your home secure and warding away the elements.

In fixed and opening glass roofing 4mm thick glass is just not sufficient and you should insist on 6mm in any glazed roofing product. The vast majority of glass roofing on the market rely on 2 toughened glass panes, however at Xtremearrow, we feel an outer panel of toughened and inner panel of laminated glass offers significant security benefits.

Depending on the product, the structure and make up of the glass will be slightly different to suit its purpose, On Xtremearrow models the glass roofing are made to measure with double or triple glazing, while we offered various glazing options from clear glass. Again, the outer panel will be toughened, with a laminated inner one to reduce the chance of damage.

All of our glass roofing are made with high criteria specifications as standard. If you want to know more about the glass we use, or have any other questions before choosing your product, call us today on +603-8066 8330 or take a look at our glass roofing pages for more information.

Between polycarbonate roofing and glass roofing


If you’ve been considering investing in roofing for your property, you will need to decide whether yours should have glass roofing or polycarbonate roofing. As well as being incredibly functional, they are also wonderfully visually pleasing, serving as a stunning addition to any home. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of the two…


Polycarbonate roofing

  • Good insulator but can be noisy when it rains which some customers really like and others not so.
  • Light weight versatile material
  • Cheaper cost
  • Scratches, discolors and ends to attract algae far more than glass, and is also more difficult to clean.
  • Polycarbonate sheeting is made to withstand high wind conditions and designed to have impact resistance


glass roofing
glass roofing

Glass roofing

  • The cost will be substantially more than polycarbonate but it will be more rewarding all round.
  • Does not reduce light in the room, rather provides more light
  • Requires regular cleaning as dirt is noticed very easily on glass.
  • Heavy material thus requires a strong frame
  • The transparency of the glass for panoramic view


When you consider the pros and cons of these two types of roofing, you will be able to find the right materials for your property. It is best to hire professional roofers. Xtreme Arrow is committed to providing high quality, and safe roofing for your property. Discuss your requirements today and quickly discover why we are the preferred choice.

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