Between polycarbonate roofing and glass roofing


If you’ve been considering investing in roofing for your property, you will need to decide whether yours should have glass roofing or polycarbonate roofing. As well as being incredibly functional, they are also wonderfully visually pleasing, serving as a stunning addition to any home. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of the two…


Polycarbonate roofing

  • Good insulator but can be noisy when it rains which some customers really like and others not so.
  • Light weight versatile material
  • Cheaper cost
  • Scratches, discolors and ends to attract algae far more than glass, and is also more difficult to clean.
  • Polycarbonate sheeting is made to withstand high wind conditions and designed to have impact resistance


glass roofing
glass roofing

Glass roofing

  • The cost will be substantially more than polycarbonate but it will be more rewarding all round.
  • Does not reduce light in the room, rather provides more light
  • Requires regular cleaning as dirt is noticed very easily on glass.
  • Heavy material thus requires a strong frame
  • The transparency of the glass for panoramic view


When you consider the pros and cons of these two types of roofing, you will be able to find the right materials for your property. It is best to hire professional roofers. Xtreme Arrow is committed to providing high quality, and safe roofing for your property. Discuss your requirements today and quickly discover why we are the preferred choice.