Auto gate system – A luxury or a modern convenience?

Why you should consider installing auto gate system

  • Auto gate system provide an effective prevention to a casual trespasser and, indeed, determined intruders. As well as keeping uninvited visitors out, auto gate system are usually an effective way of preventing animals and young children straying from the particular safe confines of home boundaries onto busy roads and of course improving privacy. Although many auto gate system may not be very secure the truth, the gates are closed provides enough of the sublime message to keep out that a lot of casual intruders will not bother to approach.

The reason why have auto gate system rather than manual gates

  • Keep in mind 90% of manual gates never closed (simply due to the inconvenience of having to open and close them up, especially in heavy rains) therefore most of the advantages of having gates at all disappear. Personal security is increasing since the auto gate system can be operated remotely so you do not have to leave the safety of your locked vehicle prior to accessing and securing your own property. Plus – it is usually nice to stay in the warm when it’s raining! nearly all our auto gate system are on a semi automatic setting and will close automatically after a preset time which means your gates always in a close mode every time you open the gate.

What will be needed if there’s no power supply?

  • The typical domestic power supply is usually more than adequate in order to operate the vast majority of auto gate system. Typically the power supply will be required vicinity of the auto gate system and installed by a proficient person with using the latest regulations adhered to. The power will certainly also be potentially needed to operate intercom and lighting systems tied into the auto gate system.

What style of auto gate system both your own property and individual safety?

  • If privacy is high on your list then you would probably pick a closed face timber gate. If aesthetical appeal majors highly, look at ornate stainless steel gates. For a completely rustic effect consider the multi-bar timber selection. When choosing between stainless steel or timber, remember the fact that timber gates will need regular treatment, although modern wood stains are very effective without a doubt. We also provide timber gates in many different timber species if the color and graining of the timber is particularly important.

Should safety features be installed?

  • Safety is mandatory and must people not be considered as an option All auto gate system need a very reliable safety system – in the simplest form this will end up being the user visually checking that the entrance is clear before operating the auto gate system. More sophisticated is the usage of automatic safety devices. Photo beams detect vehicles and folks and will not necessarily allow the gates to be operated until the area is clear, on the other hand, an underground loop detector will just detect vehicles. When the area is clear, the gates could be opened and will close automatically. Safety is extremely important where children are concerned as auto gate system never seem to lose their particular fascination to most children. There have been well publicised accidental injuries and deaths recently involving children and auto gate system and it should be stressed that the properly specified auto gate system should never cause injuries or damage to any person or vehicle and not only should the safety system be full proof it should also be frequently tested.


Various types of auto gate system

Helpful information for the various types of auto gate system

Many organizations are seeking for methods to improve safety of their premises and the most effective ways of doing this is with some kind of fencing.

Naturally , when you have fencing installed you will need to have an automatic gate to permit access to those that are require. Automatic gate system are the most typical option for huge areas, such as companies and warehouses, when fast access is needed along with high levels of security.

However with there’s an automatic gate system for all commercial situations, you may not know which the most suitable choice for you. In this article, we will describe the most popular types of auto gate system to help you come to a decision.

Swing Gates

There are 4 main types of swing gate:-

  • Ornamental automatic swing gates
  • Balustrade gates
  • Palisade gates
  • Welded mesh gates

However automatic gate designs can even be made. Swing gates are a great choice for organizations who want their auto gate system to look aesthetically pleasing in addition to being useful, such as parks and stately homes. High security swing auto gate system are available, and these can be automatic or operated with a remote control. They can also be designed with other stuff such as barbed wire and electric pulses, to act as a deterrent.

Sliding Gates

Automatic sliding gates are generally safer than swing auto gate system because they are a lot harder to force open – even if a vehicle is used to get access. They will have a rigid construction, and less vulnerable factors than their swing equivalent, and in addition they look much more secure which makes them a great prevention. Sliding auto gate system can be as large as 15m wide, making them extremely space efficient, and they are also the best option if the floor is raised inside the property. Automatic sliding gates for all commercial situations are available, which is probably why they are the most popular option with businesses and organizations in the United State.

Bi-Folding Gates

Bi-folding auto gate system are often referred to as speed auto gate system due to the short amount of time it requires for them to open and close. They usually are especially useful for organizations that are only authorized to allow access for a limited amount of period, as well as places that have a lot of continual vehicle visitors, such as banks, colleges and staff car parks. Bi-folding auto gate system can be designed with aesthetics in mind, so it is possible to add the logo that are associated with the organization in it, or perhaps simply paint them with relevant colors. Because of the speed, these auto gate system open. However, safety is paramount, therefore it is important of which individuals are trained in how to use them correctly.

Telescopic Gates

Telescopic auto gate system are extremely similar to sliding auto gate system, however they take up less space. When this kind of auto gate system is opened up, the individual parts of the particular auto gate system overlap one another. Therefore makes them ideal for use when security is very important, but there is tiny room outside the building for the automatic gate system to be able to operate. Telescopic automatic gate system can only be installed on even ground, due to the  typically mechanism that they require to open. These automatic gate system can even be painted to create them aesthetically pleasing, and they also can be operated through different access control systems. They are suited for the same types of building as the traditional sliding auto gate system.

Automatic gate system can help improve your security whilst allowing access to those who need it. The most effective type for you will depend on your business, and the level of security that you need.

Auto gate system services

5 Problems with Automated Gates and How to Fix them with following the Auto gate system services care

  1. Vermin / Insects

    A very common issue can be Geckos and ants which prevents automated gates from opening or closing. They like to hide in warm places such as the photo safety sensors or control boxes. In order to avoid that, an Auto gate system services will provide you a solution which is you need to check those areas regularly. Simply use a soft dry cloth to gently clean them away.

  2.  Automated Gates Tracks

    Sliding automated gates are the most common gates used for domestic or commercial use. Your automated gates may stick, and keep the motor from working smoothly for Sticks, leaves, stones and other obstructions. But a simple garden broom will do the trick in removing them.

  3. Manual Mode

    From time to time you may require to put your automated gates in manual mode. There are a lot of factors for this and to name a couple; you may have a loss of power due to a blackout or you may be due for your annual service which is why your gate will not open or close automatically.

    In Auto gate system services care, the Manual Release Mode is essential in opening or closing your automated gates until your power is back on, or a technician arrives so you are not putting any strain on the motor.

  4.  Power Outage

    We often get call outs where automated gates is not opening or closing at all. We believe that the biggest hidden secret for this is that the power at automated gates position has been ‘switched off’. You need to make sure that the power is ‘switched on’ first!

    If however, the power is ‘switched on’ and automated gates motor is still not working, try another appliance in the power point to ensure that you do have power from the socket. If that appliance works, you need to put your automated gates motor into ‘Manual Mode’.

  5. Remote Controls

    When your remote control’s light is no longer flashing, that indicates the battery of the remote controller needs to replace. Replacement batteries can be purchased from any supermarket.

    But if the light is still not flashing after replacing the battery, in most cases, this is letting you know that your remote control has passed its ‘use by date’ and you need to replace it. Contact Auto gate system services who will be able to supply and program a new one to your existing automated gates motor.

Installing auto gate system benefits – contractor and services

Benefits of an auto gate system

auto gate
auto gate


Some of the benefits having an auto gate installed are:

  • Security

Automated driveway gates are a good first layer of security.

Not only are thieves much less likely to target a property with an automated gate, but the gate itself will make access to the property incredibly difficult. If the bad guys can’t even get through your gate, they aren’t going to be able to get to your front door.

  • Curb appeal

A driveway gate can drastically improve the curb appeal of your property.

It makes a real statement to your home by adding a grand entrance to the property. With so many different styles and color choices, you can be sure to find one that will match your home perfectly.

  • Child Safety

With an automatic security gate, you gain a greater sense of security. Not only will it help to keep intruders out, but it will also help prevent your children wandering off the property. You can let your children play safely outside, without worrying about them.

  • Privacy

If your property has an automatic gate standing guard, that salesman won’t be able to knock on your door and interrupt your meal.

Also, if you live on a busier street, a driveway gate, along with the right type of fencing, can allow you to enjoy cool nights on your front porch without the prying eyes of passersby.

  • Convenience

With an automated driveway gate installed, those who are in possession of the keys can easily access the property without the need to physically unlock and open the gate. Gates can be opened and closed in a few seconds with just a click.


Please contact us Xtreme Arrow: auto gate system contractor , if you’re thinking to install an auto gate system for your property. We provides plenty steel products including doors, gates, grilles, skylights and railings that are sure to keep your house a beautiful, safe and secure place to stay.

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At Xtreme arrow, we design, fabricate and supply gates, grilles and fences to fit your preferences and specifications.

With more than 10 years of experience both supplying and fitting specialist fabricated gates, fencing, railings and other fencing systems, the Xtreme Arrow Contractors metal fabrication team is fully capable of meeting all your metalwork needs. Our services range from the fabrication of custom-made gates and fencing to highly complicated designs. We fabricate, supply and fit security gates, grilles and fences for commercial decorative and increase security for your home or property.

All our gates are custom-made and we can fabricate one off designs to meet customers’ particular needs. Whether you need high security gates or a more elaborately designed entrance gate we can help.

Below are the listings of works we specialize in for homes, offices, commercial & industrial places

  • Main gate from the material according to your liking. – Stainless Steel / Fully Aluminum
  • Auto gate
  • Balcony glass railing
  • Glass roofing
  • Iron grille
  • Pergola roofing
  • Wrought iron grilles and fences
  • Metal rack
  • Polycarbonate skylight
  • Wooden fences

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