Wrought iron – Care and maintenance

  • Routine Inspections – The most important thing it’s you needs to look after your wrought and maintain it regularly, repair damaged paint and inspect it occasionally. You’ll be able to build up a conditional assessment and identify where’s your wrought iron might need intervention.

  • Keep it Clean – Cleaning wrought iron should be part of your care routine and maintenance. Wrought iron is usually low maintenance requiring minimum intervention if cared for properly. You need to avoid serious issues that will makes your wrought iron go rust so that you could save your money for wrought iron restoration works.

    Accumulated dirt could be removed by hand, using water, or mix water with a little detergent, and a cloth or soft bristle brush. It’s important not to use too much amount of water, and do not use high water hose pressure. Wrought iron need to dried out after cleaning to prevent trapping water. Even a very tiny of corrosion could be removed by using a bronze wire brush or chisel and sandpaper before repainting your wrought iron. Be careful not to harm the ironwork and do not use mechanical tools.

  • Painting Ironwork – Minor patch repairs can normally be undertaken by the owner but it is essential to follow some basic procedures to ensure the paintwork doesn’t subsequently fail.

Wrought iron gates, grilles, fences

  • Privacy gates and fences

One of the more common reasons for residential and commercial iron and metal fencing or gating is privacy. This means the fence is either used to keep undesirables out of the general area of the property, or to reduce visibility around a perimeter, or both. Depending on the desired type of privacy, various styles and designs can be created. Iron wrought fences and aluminum fences are a popular choice because they can be made into very tall rods placed closely together and worked into virtually any shape while at the same time having an attractive and elegant look.

  • Driveway gates

This type of gate can be beneficial in many ways, once again, security being a consideration. Beautiful, ornamental designer driveway gates also make a style statement. Trendy, or the old world look of driveway gates can have many different designs and patterns, and they can be either manually or electrically operated. These days, it seems that aluminum driveway gates are used extensively in order to avoid the rust and deterioration common to wrought iron—therefore requiring little or no maintenance. They can be painted various colors, and with special treatment methods, be made to look like wrought iron.

  • Appearance

Ornamental driveway entrances, gates and fences reflect elegance, precision and quality. Crafted with finesse, they are a statement of care, art and character— a look that offers a simply charm & long-lasting style.

  • Garden gates

Many people and companies use wrought iron and aluminum garden gates to create an enchanting entry way and access into their garden, yard, or commercial property to provide pedestrian access through this type of fencing. The iron garden gate is commonly installed to match a beautiful driveway gates, or iron door.

  • Wrought iron and aluminum pool and safety

Many people wisely choose this type of fence or gate to help keep your their children, family and friends safe around the home swimming pool. This is of the utmost importance. These do not replace proper supervision of children, but together, many unnecessary accidents can be prevented. An installation of a pool safety fence or gate can provide a great sense of security, and the design can greatly enhance the look of a pool area. With the use of artistic, ornamental and architectural accents, a wrought iron or aluminum pool safety fence looks spectacular