Wooden fence – Choosing the right fence panels

Several things to consider before choosing your wooden fence:

  • Your budget
  • The purpose of the fence – is it for privacy? or security? or a decorative feature? or both? or to keep wildlife out? or something else entirely?
  • The time and expertise required to build a fence
  • Long-term maintenance of your wooden fence

Picket Wooden Fence

Picket wooden fence are well-known by their neat, evenly spaced vertical boards and usually are generally used as an attractive boundary – mostly at front gardens. They do not provide privacy but do mark out the boundary clearly and supply a nice aesthetic. In addition they provide a safe boundary for the children and larger pets – although anything smaller than a dog will probably disappear between the panels! Generally just under 1 metre high and often painted white, picket wooden fence  are easy to install with posts. Picket wooden fence are mostly made from wood but now can be bought in PVC for a  low-maintenance finish.

Closeboard Wooden Fence

Closeboard wooden fence are excellent regarding to the privacy and are often designed with overlapping vertical feather edge boards. Each individual board is nailed to (usually 3) horizontal rails called arris rails and these in turn are usually supported by notched articles. If you are intending on erecting a closeboard woden fence, you need to know this specific from the outset as special notched article need to be purchased and place in further apart than for standard fence panels. These closeboard wooden fence are strong and usually upwards of 6th feet tall (although you can make them smaller) meaning they are ideal for creating a secure and private boundary. They are usually most commonly used in rear gardens, especially as many places have height restrictions located on front aspect boundary fencing (you should check this out in your own area before installing a new wooden fence! ).

Traditional Lap Panel Fences

This is actually the most common type of garden wooden fencing and 1 of the easiest for your novice DIYer to install. Lap panel fences could be purchased in panels and attached to wooden fence panels using 2 or 3 U-shaped post clips per panel. If you have chosen cement posts then lap panels can simple be placed in – although if your posts are all up it is definitely a 2-man job in order to lift them up to the top to slot them in! Lap panel fences contain a frame with horizontal overlapping boards slotted between. They have a more rustic {appearance than a closeboard wooden fence.

Composite Wooden Fence Panels

There is a growing trend for composite wooden fence as it offers such a low maintenance method to boundary wooden fence. These wooden fence are a lot more expensive but require minimal maintenance and are not necessarily subject to some of the problems associated with wooden fence. They will not necessarily split or splinter and often come with really long guarantees (sometimes around 20 years). Composite wooden fence are made from composite wooden panels and are usually available in many various shapes and sizes. It is probably to cost a fair bit more, perhaps than even closeboard wooden fence but it depends on the look you are going for plus the amount of maintenance you want to do. If you choose for a composite wooden fence, bear in mind that Owatrol’s winning pair of products designed specifically for composite wooden fence. Compo Clean is the composite wood cleaner and de-greaser which will rapidly and easily remove any built-up dirt and grease from all composite areas. Compo Care is the composite wood reviver created specifically for protecting and refreshing the colour of composite wooden fence surfaces.

Wooden fence services – How to Protect Wooden Fence

Wooden fences are costly and normally take a lot of efforts to install them. However, an attractive fence can significantly raise the value of your property. For this reason, you have to do everything possible to maintain your wooden fence services. To safeguard your wooden fence services against the weather elements like sun and the rain, you can go for different resorts like staining or painting the wooden fence. Below are some steps which you can take to ensure that your new wooden fence services endures many years |in the future.

There are three common choices which are widely-used to protect your wooden fences services from the elements of weather namely painting, semitransparent staining and solid staining. Painting a brand new wooden fence is a good way of covering its surface with a thin coating or film which helps prevent moisture to getting through into the wooden fence services. Additionally, paints offer UV safety to the underlying wooden fence services. Despite this, care must be taken to ensure that the paint is applied properly on the wooden fence services surface otherwise it will peel and expose the wooden fence. Just like paint, stains can even be used to protect a new wooden fence services. Simply by staining your wooden fence, the stain soaks the wood and fills the pores which prevent water from reaching the interior.

In order to protect new wooden fence, follow this wooden fence services which semitransparent stain can also be applied, even though it has less pigment when compared to standard stains. But it has a translucent finish, the grain and the texture of the wood can be seen throughout the stain which makes it appealing. But the impressive thing is which it does not protect the wood from UV rays as much as solid stain or paint does. Solid stains have more pigment when compared to semitransparent stains. Which is the reason; it tends to cover the grain and texture and effectively. Therefore, you might find it to be an outstanding choice for weathered or previously stained surfaces. Just like a painting project, the prior planning of the surface ought to be done particularly if you wish that the paintwork last for many years. Painting a new wooden fence services is quite straightforward. To prepare the surface adequately, you need to wash it with some water to remove any dirt or dust from the surface. However, if you are dealing with a previously painted wooden fence services then it would be best to sand off old paint with using a scraper and a heat gun.

Yet, if you plan about repainting again soon, you can just scrape away from loosely or flaking paint. Its also wise to make a point of inspecting your wooden fence services frequently and especially concentrate on all those sections where posts are usually fixed into the grounds. Such areas tend to be able to experience problems within the time period. Therefore bring out some occasional inspections of the same to ensure that you can apply precautionary measures early enough. Overhang tree branches also require to be trimmed since they can cause extensive harm to your newly installed wooden fence services. Debris like fallen leaves should also be taken out from the base in the wooden fence otherwise they could cause moisture and mould build-up. Drainage is yet another aspect that requires to be looked at. Direct drainage should be away from new wooden fence posts in order too prevent rotting. Follow these kinds of simple guidelines and your wooden fence will be undoubtedly last for a long period. If your interested in the new wooden fence services then visit our main page https://xtremearrow.com/

wooden fence – services and contractor

Techniques for staining your wooden fence



Before beginning anything, check whether there is certainly rain forecast for that area during the moment you are organizing in order to stain your wooden fence. This is because of the stain requires sufficient time to dry out and seal properly. When you are ready to begin, be sure you are always prepared with glasses protection and gloves to retain the chemicals and dust away from contacting your own eyes and skin.


Whenever selecting your wood spot, make sure it provides ultra violet protection in order to shield the material against the sun and water harm. To increase the longevity improvement of your wooden fence, try by using a sealant, as otherwise the particular natural oils and fibers in the wood could be taken out by the particular sun’s rays.


First of all, examine the fence carefully and repair any structural or cosmetic damage. Through filling holes and exchanging broken panelling to getting rid of loose nails and applying a new galvanised nails instead, it is very important preserve the wooden fence itself back to completely functioning working order. After that, wash any dirty or perhaps mildew covered areas upon your wooden fencing, ideally by using a pressure washer to make sure all unnecessary material around the wooden fence is completely blasted away. Be sure to hold out until the fence is fully dry in order to avoid any kind of extra moisture being trapped in the wood through the staining process, as this particular could cause mould to grow.


The next phase is preparation for the staining the wooden fence. Cover the ground from the base of the wooden fence to prevent any risk of the chemicals from the particular stain killing the surrounding plants and garden matter. Further to this, spot painter’s tape over the particular areas of the wooden fence which often you usually do not want to be able to exposed to the particular stain as it need to only be put on the particular wooden fence panels.


The last step is the staining the wooden fence. Start by testing the coloring of the stain upon a discreet space from the wooden fence or on a piece of scrap wood which usually is made from the similar material and finish. It is very important to bear in mind that softer woods, like a pine, absorb stain quicker and more unevenly than harder woods, so take enormous care to apply the particular stain as evenly as possible. Utilize a manual fresh paint roller to put an even coat of the stain along the whole wooden fence, keeping a vertical stroke if possible so your entire wooden fencing seems uniform.

It is essential to take your time during this process to make sure all areas are protected, paying particular attention in order to the nooks and crannies so every part of the wooden fence is protected in order to avoid potential decaying.

Although this is a meticulous job which usually takes a great deal of hard work, it will be really worth refinishing your wooden fence on a typical basis to keep it looking its best. |This particular staining process should end up being repeated at least once every three years in order to inspire longevity and complete protection to your wooden fence.

Installing wooden fence contractor and services

wooden fence wooden fence

There are many options to consider when choosing a fence. The traditional material used to installing and building fences is wood. The wooden fence provides a strong and durable option for your home.

When choosing a wooden fence, always make sure to consider the style of other fence. Your fences should blend nicely with the style of your home. Refer to the other property in your area and review various fences before making decision. Other than that, consider the style, height and spacing to have your wooden fences install.

You can choose almost any pattern to fit your needs. There are different types of fence needs to consider. A privacy fence is designed to keep you away from others and others away from you. This is a good option when you live near a busy street or very close to another home. A decorative fence is beautiful but not functional.

A functional fence keeps your children or pets safe. It helps to define your outdoor space and creates a backdrop for your home. The design should be pretty yet must be able to withstand the weather. A well-built fence will last for many years. Keep in mind that a painted fence will require more maintenance than a fence that is not painted. The fence should be treated so that it will not warp or crack after being exposed to extreme temperature or weather conditions.

Please use the guide above to help you decide. If you cannot find the answer to your fence questions, we have a full time trained fence professional available to answer your fencing questions.

When you want quality wood fences, you want a fencing installing contractor and services company with experience in the fence making industry. Here at Xtreme arrow we offer you the highest quality wood fences in all of the best designs.

Wrought iron gates, grilles, fences

  • Privacy gates and fences

One of the more common reasons for residential and commercial iron and metal fencing or gating is privacy. This means the fence is either used to keep undesirables out of the general area of the property, or to reduce visibility around a perimeter, or both. Depending on the desired type of privacy, various styles and designs can be created. Iron wrought fences and aluminum fences are a popular choice because they can be made into very tall rods placed closely together and worked into virtually any shape while at the same time having an attractive and elegant look.

  • Driveway gates

This type of gate can be beneficial in many ways, once again, security being a consideration. Beautiful, ornamental designer driveway gates also make a style statement. Trendy, or the old world look of driveway gates can have many different designs and patterns, and they can be either manually or electrically operated. These days, it seems that aluminum driveway gates are used extensively in order to avoid the rust and deterioration common to wrought iron—therefore requiring little or no maintenance. They can be painted various colors, and with special treatment methods, be made to look like wrought iron.

  • Appearance

Ornamental driveway entrances, gates and fences reflect elegance, precision and quality. Crafted with finesse, they are a statement of care, art and character— a look that offers a simply charm & long-lasting style.

  • Garden gates

Many people and companies use wrought iron and aluminum garden gates to create an enchanting entry way and access into their garden, yard, or commercial property to provide pedestrian access through this type of fencing. The iron garden gate is commonly installed to match a beautiful driveway gates, or iron door.

  • Wrought iron and aluminum pool and safety

Many people wisely choose this type of fence or gate to help keep your their children, family and friends safe around the home swimming pool. This is of the utmost importance. These do not replace proper supervision of children, but together, many unnecessary accidents can be prevented. An installation of a pool safety fence or gate can provide a great sense of security, and the design can greatly enhance the look of a pool area. With the use of artistic, ornamental and architectural accents, a wrought iron or aluminum pool safety fence looks spectacular