Installing auto gate system benefits – contractor and services

Benefits of an auto gate system

auto gate
auto gate


Some of the benefits having an auto gate installed are:

  • Security

Automated driveway gates are a good first layer of security.

Not only are thieves much less likely to target a property with an automated gate, but the gate itself will make access to the property incredibly difficult. If the bad guys can’t even get through your gate, they aren’t going to be able to get to your front door.

  • Curb appeal

A driveway gate can drastically improve the curb appeal of your property.

It makes a real statement to your home by adding a grand entrance to the property. With so many different styles and color choices, you can be sure to find one that will match your home perfectly.

  • Child Safety

With an automatic security gate, you gain a greater sense of security. Not only will it help to keep intruders out, but it will also help prevent your children wandering off the property. You can let your children play safely outside, without worrying about them.

  • Privacy

If your property has an automatic gate standing guard, that salesman won’t be able to knock on your door and interrupt your meal.

Also, if you live on a busier street, a driveway gate, along with the right type of fencing, can allow you to enjoy cool nights on your front porch without the prying eyes of passersby.

  • Convenience

With an automated driveway gate installed, those who are in possession of the keys can easily access the property without the need to physically unlock and open the gate. Gates can be opened and closed in a few seconds with just a click.


Please contact us Xtreme Arrow: auto gate system contractor , if you’re thinking to install an auto gate system for your property. We provides plenty steel products including doors, gates, grilles, skylights and railings that are sure to keep your house a beautiful, safe and secure place to stay.

Stainless steel main gate or aluminum main gate|Know the metal

Know the metal for your main gate, stainless steel main gate or aluminum main gate

Fully aluminium gate
Fully aluminium main gate



stainless steel main gate
stainless steel main gate

Unless you are well versed in the language of metals and their usage, you probably won’t think much about the difference between steel and aluminum. Below are the differences between stainless steel and aluminum. Keep these in mind when deciding which type of metal to use for your main gate.

Aluminum is a low density metal that is often used because of its innate ability to resist all sorts of corrosion. It is lightweight, soft yet durable, malleable and ductile. Its appearance can range from something silvery to those that carry a duller gray tinge to it. This depends upon the roughness of its surface.

Steel on the other hand is an alloy which is primarily made up of carbon and iron. Whilst carbon may be the most common alloying material used for iron, there are also a variety of other elements that can be used. Stainless steel is an alloy metal consisting of chromium and iron. Stainless steel does not rust or corrode easily like other metals.

Comparison chart

Aluminum Stainless steel
Is an element but not an alloy Alloy of iron and chromium
Lighter and not very strong compared to steel Heavier and stronger than aluminum
Doesn’t give out sparks Gives out sparks when subjected to a grinder
Cheaper Expensive
Less reactive More reactive than aluminum
Cheaper due to simple refining process More expensive than aluminum because it involves a lengthy refining process


Still not sure which metal is right for you? Phone, email or visit us for expert metal advice. Our customer Service Representatives will help you make the right choice!

Extreme arrow is one of the leading contractors of main gate and fences in Malaysia. We have taken every precaution in order to meet client’s wants and need providing free consultation, the best quality and high grade custom designed main gate and fences for the Malaysia market. Be sure to check out our wide range of product and services.

Main gate|railings|roofing| fence|grille|skylight

wooden fences
wooden fences
Main gates
Main gates




At Xtreme arrow, we design, fabricate and supply gates, grilles and fences to fit your preferences and specifications.

With more than 10 years of experience both supplying and fitting specialist fabricated gates, fencing, railings and other fencing systems, the Xtreme Arrow Contractors metal fabrication team is fully capable of meeting all your metalwork needs. Our services range from the fabrication of custom-made gates and fencing to highly complicated designs. We fabricate, supply and fit security gates, grilles and fences for commercial decorative and increase security for your home or property.

All our gates are custom-made and we can fabricate one off designs to meet customers’ particular needs. Whether you need high security gates or a more elaborately designed entrance gate we can help.

Below are the listings of works we specialize in for homes, offices, commercial & industrial places

  • Main gate from the material according to your liking. – Stainless Steel / Fully Aluminum
  • Auto gate
  • Balcony glass railing
  • Glass roofing
  • Iron grille
  • Pergola roofing
  • Wrought iron grilles and fences
  • Metal rack
  • Polycarbonate skylight
  • Wooden fences

Please contact us Xtreme Arrow to make inquiries & appointments. We hope you will make Xtreme Arrow your number one choice.

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Reasons to choose stainless steel main gate that will impress you


xtreme arrow gates and fences contractor
xtreme arrow gates and fences contractor



Xtreme arrow is one of the leading contractors of main gate and fences in Malaysia. We have taken every precaution in order to meet client’s wants and need providing free consultation, the best quality and high grade custom designed main gate and fences for the Malaysia market. Be sure to check out our wide range of product and services.

At Xtreme arrow, we offer Customized Stainless Steel Main Gates to the esteemed customers. Stainless steel gates are a popular choice among a diverse range of our customers due to a number of their beneficial properties:

  • Customizable

It can be customize according to your specifications and preferences.

  • Strength

The cold work hardening properties of many stainless steels can be used in design to reduce material thicknesses and reduce weight and costs. Other stainless steels may be heat treated to make very high strength components. This type of material is fire resistant and it is made to withstand harsh damages.

  • Low maintenance

Stainless steel does not absorb dirt; in fact, it actually resists smudges, fingerprints and scuff marks relatively easily, making it very easy to clean and maintain.

  • Longer lifespan

Stainless steel does not fade or become discolored over time. It’s also a rust-proof and stain-resistant material, so it will maintain its shine and preserve all of the aesthetic qualities of your appliances for several years to come.

  • Aesthetic appeal

Stainless steel is available in many surface finishes. It is easily and simply maintained resulting in a high quality, pleasing appearance.


what exactly is Wrought iron?


The term “wrought iron” comes from the past tense form of the verb to work which refers to method of manufacturing (hammered, twisted, or bent into shape) any metal. It is basically the Iron that has been heated and then worked with tools to produce its shape and form.

Wrought iron has a lower carbon content, Pig iron (iron that has been melted and is the foundation for various types of iron and steel) and glass like slag (impurities such as calcium silicate that float to the surface when iron is melted) were mixed to form wrought iron and then hammered which eliminates carbon (high melting point) that makes it easy to weld.

From decorative to home security, wrought iron is known for its variety of uses.

There are essentially two types of wrought iron:

  • Charcoal iron: Made in refined in charcoal fires, withstand corrosion for hundreds of years, soft and malleable when annealed, so that a good depth of cold working and sharp detail is possible without cracking.


  • Puddle iron: Made in coal fired furnace, remote from the fire itself. Works well hot and resist corrosion.  It has, however restrictions for cold working, particularly in sheet form.