Pergola with polycarbonate roofing


A pergola traditionally designed to be a support for climbing plants, as they had supporting columns with angled beams overhead that plants could grow up and around.  The more modern pergola however is a roofed structure that shelters the entertaining area beneath it.

Pergolas were typically made from timber, aluminum or steel and can be roof with range of materials including polycarbonate, shade cloth or even plants based on your liking.
It is usually rectangular in shape but it can also be square, hexagonal, octagonal, and even circular to occupy the outdoor space of your home.

It is important to consider about what type of weather the pergola will need to withstand as you need to make sure the pergola can stand up well to wind, rain, and even storms. Use materials and colors that complement the home. Also think about what shapes will work well.  A rectangular shape is ideal if you want to follow the line of the back of your house, but a hexagonal or even circular shape may work much better if you are planning on locating the pergola away from the house and somewhere inside the garden.

A pergola provides a shaded walkway or sitting area which can transform your garden into a comfortable lounging area. Not only protection from the harsh rays of the sun, pergola can increase the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area.

Pergola with polycarbonate roofing has been virtually perfected. The benefits of ploycarbonate pergola roofs include:

  • Up to 99% UV protection
  • Thermal insulation
  • A wide range of colors and tints
  • Flexibility
  • Strength

For a time, translucent and transparent roofing materials went out of fashion because they provided no real protection from the heat of the sun. Today’s polycarbonate roofs provide both UV protection and protection from the heat of the sun. They come in such a wide range of colors and tints, a polycarbonate pergola roof can be found to complement your existing home design. Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, polycarbonate is the perfect material for a pergola.