Polycarbonate Skylight – How To Choose

Polycarbonate Skylight

With such a large range of Polycarbonate Skylight  options, we understand that choosing skylights can be difficult. Knowing what style, type, or even where to put a skylight in your home can be confusing. With over 50 years of experience, you can trust the professionals at Xtreme Arrow to help make choosing a skylight easy! Call Xtreme Arrow now to discuss your daylighting needs.

It is important to first consider the purpose of your new skylight. Skylights can be selected as a functional source of daylight for a dark room or they can be used as a feature to turn a dark room into the best room in the house.

Skylights can make a significant contribution to energy efficiency and comfort in any building by providing “cool light” – a skylight can deliver over three times as much light as a vertical window of the same size!

Humans, like plants thrive under natural daylight. Our bodies are designed to operate in line with the sun’s natural daylight schedule – rising with the sunlight in the morning and sleeping after dusk. This helps to set our body clock and circadian rhythm.

Daylight can affect productivity and performance!

  • Students concentrate better under daylight
  • Worker productivity is increased under daylight
  • Retail sales are greater in day lit areas.