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steps to clean wrought iron gates 

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  1. Fill up a spray bottle or bucket with warm drinking water. In case you are cleaning large items such as wrought iron gate, fencing or furniture, a bucket may work best. For wrought iron smaller items, a spray bottle it’s enough.
  2. Put in a mild soap such as household cleaner or perhaps dish washing liquid to clean the excess dirt obtained by outdoor ornaments in your wrought iron.
  3. Get rid of any items from the particular wrought iron, if you’re put something on your wrought iron.
  4. Spray the particular cleaning cloth together with your cleaning solution till thoroughly dampened or soak a clean cloth or sponge in the water in case you are using a bucket.
  5. Clean the wrought iron gates within a circular motion, working within small sections at the time, removing all excess dirt or dust. Re-dampen the cloth or sponge as necessary.
  6. Empty the spray bottle or bucket when finished. Rinse and re-fill with clean water.
  7. Rinse your sponge or cloth carefully to remove all the cleaning solution.
  8. Wipe the wrought iron gates again with using the clean drinking water, making sure to wash the cloth or sponge frequently.  If you have a water hose at your house, you can use that to wash the wrought iron gates. It will be more easier.
  9. Let the wrought iron gates dry completely.