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Balcony glass railings
Balcony glass railings

Today, people are using every possible type of material to surround their deck, and they are enjoying the differences. When considering option, glass railings can be a beautiful and truly unique addition to any home, whether you have a lot of glass currently in your home or the railing will be the highlight.

In the past, railing choices were limited to hardwoods, but many modern homes now take advantage of the cutting-edge beauty of glass railings.

Invisible railings

Glass railings also known as “invisible railings” because the rails do not block or break up the beautiful view from the deck; instead, it works like a picture frame and showcases the scenery.

Low maintenance

Glass railings almost do not need maintenance, except regular cleaning with a sponge, soap and water. Unlike hardwoods that need regular care and maintenance, decks with glass railings do not need to be stained, treated, painted or finished to maintain their beauty and durability.


The corners and spaces are practically minimized, so it would be harder for children and animals to get stuck between the rail panels. Because it’s glass, there’s no room for climbing or slipping in between, so small arms and legs are safe.

Tolerates extreme temperatures

Not like hardwood railing materials, glass railings are not vulnerable to surface cracking. Glass railing systems are specially manufactured, offering excellent durability. Tempered glass panels do not shatter even when cracked, so they are safe and sturdy.

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