Pergola roofing – choose the best roofing for your home

Pergola roofing can have many uses. It can protect you from the rain and sun, it can give you extra ‘indoor’ space outdoors, it can add aesthetic value to your house and garden, plus it can put monetary value to your house. And because pergola roofing have so many uses, they come in different shapes and sizes – based on what they are being used for.

Whenever choosing your pergola roofing and roofing materials, you will have to consider a number of factors, such as it’s purpose, the cost, the elements it will face and whether you want to build pergola roofing yourself or employ some builder to do the job for you. Below are a few things you may need to think about.


Pergola roofing can offer protection against the elements. It can provide protection from the sunlight, providing you with cool, airy space to relax in, and it can also protect you from the rain – allowing you access to your garden and patio, even when the weather is bad. Think about what kind of protection you would like your pergola roofing to provide, and choose the roofing materials which will offer you the most suitable protection.

For example, if your pergola roofing is probably to be in full sunlight at all times you can choose between added shade that Xtremearrow roofing provides, or heat reflective Suntuf solarsmart polycarbonate linens (the Xtremearrow will provide you with much better shade but can radiate heat when it’s extremely hot, and the suntuf linens will allow more light in but their heat reflective properties will keep the space cooler) similarly if you are looking to add pergola roofing in a shadier place, the simpler and more transparent linen like suntuf standard will suit your purposes.


Xtremearrow pergola roofing not only protect you from the elements, it also can endure them. They provide you with roofing materials that can manage the harshest of climates. It’s also important to ensure that your pergola roofing is installed correctly so that it won’t leak and damage your structure inappropriately.

In addition to this, Xtremearrow teams will ensuring that your pergola roofing is designed properly so that the water that runs off from the roof is usually adequately managed. Xtremearrow use gutters, caps and flashings to ensure that the pergola roofing can managed it even during heavy rain. We also have an innovative internal gutter system so we can neatly dispose of water on attached pergola roofing without adding to the load of your home’s stormwater system.


It’s important to choose pergola roofing design that flows on from your house or into your yard. You surely don’t want a pergola roofing that looks out of place! Do some research to find the pergola roofing design that will work best with the design of your house or your yard and your needs. Speak to Xtremearrow expert teams to discover your pergola roofing options.

Some of the pergola roofing design options that you should consider are the use of Suntuf Sunlite twin wall polycarbonate sheeting that allows you to achieve a great clean look on your pergola with no visible joins between linens. You can also match an Xtremearrow pergola roofing with your house existing roofing to seamlessly match your new pergola roofing along with your house.

You can also use a combination of linens to achieve your desired effect. Many people put a few polycarbonate linens to a Xtremearrow pergola roofing to act as skylights. You might also want to use new double-sided Xtremearrow linens that feature either the same color on both sides of the linens or different shades on the inside and outside.


One of the most important factors to consider is whether your pergola roofing will be fit for purpose. Basically, will it do what it’s expected to do? Do you want a good extra living space, a barbeque area, or the meditation space? Do you want a comfortable place to relax or maybe a place to boost your plants? Do you want a spa inside your pergola? The roofing that you choose could have a much greater impact on these factors than you may first think. Make sure the design and the materials you decide on allow you to make best use of the space, and obtain the most out of your garden.