Balcony glass – tips to clean balcony glass

First thing you should do is remove all your furniture, and plants from your balcony glass. You will require a stiff haired broom to vigorously sweep the balcony. Or you can use a dust pan to get rid off the debris from the balcony. Before cleaning the balcony floor, you will have to clean your balcony walls and the exterior balcony glass doors. The quickest way to clean the balcony glass doors is to use a squeegee. Use the “S” method to clean your balcony glass to minimize streaking. It works the way it sounds clean top to bottom making “S” forms as you pull the squeegee down the glass. You can apply dish washing soap that have been mixed with water to the glass. Once it is evenly applied use the “S” squeegee method to remove the soap, herding it off the glass.

The next phase of balcony cleaning is to clean the exterior walls of the balcony glass. This is relatively simple. Fill a bucket with warm water and mix in an all-purpose cleaning solution. Then soak a soft scrub brush into the bucket and scrub the walls down, once they are clean enough use a rag dunked in clean water to get rid off all of the soap from the walls. You can either allow the walls to air dry or wipe them down with a dry rag. This does not really issue since exterior pain and surfaces are treated for moisture and will be damaged.

If there is a grill on your balcony glass, you will most likely have grease stains underneath it on the cement floor. The simplest solution to remove the grease is to pour kitty litter on the stain and step on it, crushing the kitty litter into the stain. Let it remain until overnight, once this is completed, sweep it into a dust pan and dispose of. If any stain remains, use a concentrated detergent and a stiff brush to scrub out the stain. You will have to rinse it off in the next step.

Use the same bucket and application purpose cleaner to mop the balcony with a scrub brush. Mop the surface as well as possible. Once done, repeat the process with clean the balcony using water and a clean mob to get rid of all of the soapy residue. You can repeat this process several times a year to keep your balcony looking pristine. Bellow we’ve listed step by step tips that might help you improve

  1. Fill the bucket to about half or a bit less with cold water. Hot water will make the water evaporate too quickly. Put a few squirts of detergent into the water, or as I prefer, apply the detergent directly onto the wet mop.
  2. Rub the wet mop (that has detergent on it) onto the window. Give it a good rub to make sure all the dirt is lifted. This is the time to scrape any stubborn marks off with the scrapper.
  3. Now get the squeegee ready. Let’s assume you’re right-handed. Hold the handle of the squeegee in your right hand with your thumb half way between the top and side.
  4. Now you are ready to clean the water off the glass with the squeegee. Start at the top left corner and snake you way down the window.
  5. It is nearly impossible to do a window without having to wipe the edges. Even the pros normally have to do this! That’s where the micro-fibre cloth comes in. This is great for getting rid of those water marks anywhere on the glass. Use it dry.
  6. Use the towel to wipe up any water spilt onto the window sill and the floor.
    Hint – I generally don’t use micro-fiber cloths to wipe along the bottom of the window frame because this is going to dirty it very quickly.
  7. If there are any other marks, such as little insect marks or grubby finger marks that didn’t quite come off, give it a rub with a clean part of the micro-fibre cloth, or start again with the mop.
  8. Now do the same on both sides to all the windows you want clean.